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2002-2006  Valdosta State Univerisity- BFA in Theatre Performance

2013-2016    Adler University- MA in Counseling

2016              Live Oak- Certification in Yoga Informed Psychotherapy

I attend continuous workshops and trainings in the topics of: eating disorders, trauma, LGBTQIA needs, Internal Family Systems, & Somatic Experiencing



I believe that each of us has exactly what we need within ourselves to promote healing and peace. Part of my job is to help clients find that source of healing through self-trust and love. To foster that growth, I create an accepting, empathetic, and non-judgmental space for my clients. My overall approach is holistic and flexible, responding to the individual and unique needs of each client. Through the use of Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, yoga informed psychotherapy, and a multicultural lens, my clients and I work together to integrate mind, body, and spirit, allowing them to live their life in a meaningful way.


Internal Family Systems:  The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model tells us that all of our thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and body sensations serve a purpose, even the ones that are keeping us from living our lives in a value-led way. My clients and I identity those positive intentions, and learn ways to carry them out in a more effective manner. IFS also postulates that there is a place of clarity and balance within each of us. The goal of therapy becomes finding that place and leading our lives through it. For more information, visit

Somatic Experiencing/Yoga Informed Psychotherapy:  For some of us, through events in our lives, or messages that we receive, we lose touch with our mind/body connection. Through the use of Somatic Experiencing and yoga informed psychotherapy, I help clients understand, and find flexibility within, their nervous system patterns. For more information on Somatic Experiencing, visit 

Multicultural Lens:  ​Because we all come from unique circumstances, I find a multicultural lens to be of great importance. Honoring where each individual is coming from creates space for non-judgmental understanding.  

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